my fav

I swear I could use this infuser for a half hour everyday!
Altho you just need a cpl seconds...the feeling is sooo great, you can feel this infuser getting that eye cream where its needed, and my eyes were in my opinion my worst spot, not anymore!!
Thank you for this amazing tool!


Coming from someone that has suffered with extreme allergies most of my life (about 30 years) I have to say that the eye infusor is the best under eye tool on the market! For years I have struggled with puffiness and dark circles, mainly because of my allergies. But even with my ailments the eye infusor has helped decrease the puffiness under and over my eyes. The gentle massaging action helps circulate the blood flow where needed most, not to mention it helps with the pain of stuffy sinuses! I just love the eye Infusion tool and use it daily! It's a must with anyone who wants to look and SEE better!

Great for puffy, dark eyes

"Back in the day" you had to pat, pat, pat (with your ring finger) eye cream forever or at least that's how it seemed. THIS wonderful little tool does that for you and so much more! It "infuses" the cream in to do it's work! So puffiness and dark circles disappear. Kinda like a wand from a Harry Potter-except with real magic. You could use the cream alone, but why would you??? Love it!

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