Lash Serum

I have sensitive eyes and i’ve Never been able to use a lash serum prior to using this one. And on top of it I now have fuller and lusher lashes and I love the price point. (Never seen one priced at such an affordable rate.)

Smash Lash!

I'm always a skeptic, but this stuff really works! It took the full 6 weeks to see results, but the results are super noticeable, I've gotten lots of compliments. I will definitely continue to use and highly recommend this product!!!

works like Latisse

I actually did a double eye test. I had been without Latisse and my lashes had deteriorated. I got Smash Lash and a new Latisse at the same time and decided to do Smash on my left eye and Latisse on my right. They both progressed at the same rate! But Smash Lash doesn't require a prescription! I'm a skeptical person, but this worked great!

Love my Lashes

In just three weeks my lashes are stronger and longer.
I love that mascara is optional now! I can't wait for the day I can confidently go without it all the time.


I've always had gorgeous lashes...that is until I hit my 40's.
My lashes began to fall out, became brittle, and just nonexistent. Then I found Smash Lash! I have tried other brands that worked, but they cost twice as much, if not three times as much as the Smash Lash AND Ash Lash works BETTER!! I saw results within the first 10 days I used it! It's incredible!!!


My lashes have never been this long. Love this product. It has amazing results. Never irritates your eyes, if if you accidentally get some in them.


I have tried several similar products in the past. I could never use them for long because they caused my eyes to get red and irritated.

I LOVE Smash Lash. My lashes are so long and no irritation. Thanks

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